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Icer Brakes S.A. is keeping ahead of the new international regulations that will eventually prohibit the use of copper in the different formulations, and today is the only manufacturer in the world that does not use copper in any of its formulas.







New Launches

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WVA FMSI Application Front/Rear System Catalogue
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1st to Market
05/2021 182387 26217 D2176-9421 TOYOTA Yaris Cross (MXP_), Corolla XII (_E21_), Prius IV PHV (_W52_) / TOYOTA (GAC) Levin (Veh.chino) DELANTERA Advics 182387 1st to market
05/2021 142381 22492 VW Crafter (SY,SX,SYI,SYJ,SZ) PR= 1LC, Grand California Camper (SBC,SCC) PR= 1LC / MAN TGE(UZ,UY,UX) PR= 1LC TRASERA Chassis Brake Int. (Bosch) 142381 1st to market
05/2021 182382 22688 D2085-9320 FORD RANGER III (TKE) 2.0 EcoBlue 4x4 2019- Chasis Deportivo, Everest III Delantera Chassis Brake Int. (Bosch) 182382 1st to market
05/2021 182378 26157 D2215-9454 HYUNDAI Santa Fe IV (TM,TMA) 18", Palisade (LX2) / KIA Sorento III (UM), Telluride (ON) Delantera - 182378 1st to market
05/2021 182178-233 25976 HYUNDAI i10 II / GRAND i10 (BA, IA), i10 III (AC3, AI3), Xcen Delantera Mando 182178-233
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The guidelines, commitments and general objectives of Quality and Environmental for both companies are embodied in this integrated Policy that has been defined by the General Management.

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