Technology Centre

ICER Brakes has a large Technology Center at their facilities, which allows the company to continually create new products that satisfy the needs of the market.


At their laboratories, ICER tests all of their product lines on its three full-scale dynamometers, in addition to running tests on vehicles. The Technology Centre has a test bench that is unique in Europe, which allows ICER to develop new products internally and run braking tests at its installations on a scale of 1:1.


ICER Brakes are subjected to intensive dynamometer testing to estimate and predict, among a variety of procedures, both vehicle braking distances as well as deceleration, as specified in the “Global Spec” test standards, among others.


The Research and Development Department has the capacity to run NVH tests, simulating a commercial vehicle on our modern 1:1 scale SCHENCK dynamometer, using the parameters for the vehicle and brake system provided by the customers, in addition to the information obtained in other tests.


By simulating the vehicle speed and mass, it is possible to obtain all of the information without the distortion of environmental influences. The dynamometers also monitors friction stability, wear, noise, fading, and the condition of the discs.