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Copper Free. Eco Level V.

Icer Brakes S.A. is keeping ahead of the new international regulations that will eventually prohibit the use of copper in the different formulations, and today is the only manufacturer in the world that does not use copper in any of its formulas.



New Long-Life Product Line for Industrial Vehicles.

As a result of Icer’s desire to cover the market’s needs, combined with the work of our Research and Development department, Icer has just released a new formula designed and developed specifically for disc brake pads for buses and tractor units.

Efforts were focused on increasing the life of the pads, while maintaining or improving the other characteristics of the existing formula in production.

New Launches

Date Ref. WVA Application System  
05/2017 182259 22347 RENAULT Espace V (JFC) 15-, Grand Scenic IV (R9_), Megane IV (_9A/M) 15-, Scenica IV (J9_JFA Trw 182259
05/2017 182256 22308 AUDI A4 V (B9) 16- PR-1KD,1KE disco 300 - 1KF,1KJ disco 330, A5 II, Q5 II, Q7 2015-Delantera PR-2ED, PR-2EE disco 330 Trw 182256
05/2017 182255 24355 JEEP Cherokee-Liberty III, Wrangler II 01- Kelsey Hayes 182255
05/2017 182254 25861 AUDI A4 V, A5 II, A5 II, Q7 2015-PR:1ZA,1ZK disc 350 y PR:1LN disc 375 Akebono 182254
05/2017 182253 22213 KIA Carnival II-III-Sedona 2015- - 182253
+ Launches