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Copper Free. Eco Level V.

Icer Brakes S.A. is keeping ahead of the new international regulations that will eventually prohibit the use of copper in the different formulations, and today is the only manufacturer in the world that does not use copper in any of its formulas.



New Long-Life Product Line for Industrial Vehicles.

As a result of Icer’s desire to cover the market’s needs, combined with the work of our Research and Development department, Icer has just released a new formula designed and developed specifically for disc brake pads for buses and tractor units.

Efforts were focused on increasing the life of the pads, while maintaining or improving the other characteristics of the existing formula in production.

New Launches

Date Ref. WVA Application System  
08/2017 182266 22386 VOLVO XC60 Comfort 16- front chasis 785804- Ate - Teves 182266
08/2017 182264 22326 CHEVROLET Spark IV (M400) / OPEL Karl (C16) /VAUXHALL Viva (C16) Disc.236 ERA 182264
08/2017 182262 22434 LEXUS RX IV 200t, 350, 450h / TOYOTA C-HR (X1) Akebono 182262
08/2017 182261 22522 CHEVROLET Spark IV (M400) / OPEL Karl (C16) /VAUXHALL Viva (C16) Disc.256 ERA 182261
08/2017 182260 23955 MASERATI Gran Cabrio / MERCECEDES CLK-Class II AMG (A209,C209), SLK-Class II AMG (R171) Brembo 182260
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Trade Fairs

EQUIP AUTO Paris 2017
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Concentration of production activity in Tudela
Concentration of production activity in Tudela
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New Headquarters
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One step further
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